• Russell Scott Entertainment Limited (“The Company”), trading as Pick-A-Mix Parties and Pick-A-Mix Bakes and Cakes, operate from an inspected home kitchen which is registered with the local council and has full hygiene certification.
  • The Customer understands that the Company, is NOT an allergen-free, vegetarian, gluten-free business and its products and food may contain or come into contact with items or food products containing dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, coconut, tree nuts, flour, cocoa (chocolate), milk and sugar, and any/or other allergy-causing ingredients.
  • The Company cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination with allergens.
  • The Customer understands the risks and takes all responsibility thereof.
  • The Customer agrees to hold the Company harmless for any allergic reactions and indemnifies the Company in the event of any claims arising from allergic reactions or such association.
  • The Customer understands that the Company is not a gluten-free bakery.
  • The Company uses its best efforts when baking gluten-free or allergen products including using separate equipment for such items.
  • The Customer is responsible for collection of all orders/products from the Company’s premises.
  • If the Company agrees that its staff, agents or a third party shall deliver any orders/products such delivery is at the Customer’s sole risk.